Services at Hotel Best, Ankara

Services that are free of charge:

Hotel guests enjoy many free-of-charge services such as a Fitness Centre equipped with cardiovascular equipment and some dumbells for weight lifting.

All accommodations at the Hotel include a free 30 Mbps internet connection and a complimentary breakfast buffet. The hotel's breakfast buffet is the wealthiest in the price range.

Those guests who travel by car or rent one in Ankara enjoy free parking. Since 1985, Bellboys of the hotel farewell guests with a car by pouring water behind their vehicle with a tankard. This is a Turkish ritual to wish travelers a safe journey. Some of the Hotel guests admitted that they had picked the habit of doing the same for their guests back home.

Services with a fee:

Unlike other brands, Hotel Best has an in-house laundry department to ensure guests enjoy next-day cleaning and express services such as express ironing and dry cleaning.

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  • flat-screen TV
  • air conditioning
  • hair dryer
  • shower
  • sink
  • lavatory
  • Wi-Fi
  • in-room telephone
  • city view
  • two twin beds or one double bed
  • closet
  • housekeeping
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